Our Kifissia's International school is located in the northern suburbs of Athens, with large outdoor play spaces.
The main building houses our toddlers and preschool rooms,with one entire floor given to each age group.

The tall windows ensure natural light all day.

The nursery opens to a huge garden,divided into themed areas for natural play and gardening, turf and sports.
Our lesson plans provide fun challenges that help children to understand how things work.
Kifissia's International kindergarten and nursery is a 3,000sq ft. centre that can inspire a "unique" child
By following the teaching method of Reggio Emilia we have created an environment that sparks inquisitiveness throughout all stages of learning and development

Our philosophy

At KIS learning and development is approached with a holistic and child-led focus. We provide opportunities for our little ones to explore nature, art, the world around them in in deep and meaningful ways. We acknowledge our children as capable, strong individuals who have their own unique way of being expressive. We value creativity, imagination and curiosity. We encourage children to think and to wonder. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide high-quality, authentic child-led education in a dual language environment that encourages children to learn beyond the standards in meaningful ways.
Kifissia's International School is located in the northern suburbs of Athens, in a garden of 2,500 square meters. With bright open spaces inside, and a beautiful natural environment outside, the children of KIS thrive under the guidance of our qualified, friendly and loving staff. The exterior is surrounded by beautiful trees, and lots of green outdoor space to play, where our children can safely play and explore.

We Offer

••Educational experiences in both Greek and English 
••Half day and full day options, to best meet each child's needs
••A multi-cultural and inclusive learning community
••Quality time outdoors 
••Holistic approaches to academics and development
••Interactive learning environments  
The areas that Kifissia's International School Bus service cover are: Agios Stefanos, Anixi, Dionysos, Drosia, Ekali, Erythrea, Kefalari, Kifissia, Lykovrysi, Maroussi, Melissia, Nea Penteli, Politia,with private school buses.

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"KIFISSIA'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" for the little ones located in the northern suburbs of Athens.


"SPORTY'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" for the little ones located in the southern suburbs of Athens.

Reggio inspired